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Artfield International Enterprise


Since its foundation from 1984, ARTFIELD has been playing a leading role in the clock industry. We are one of the first and key manufacturers in Hong Kong to identify the market potential and appeal of quartz clock technology.


Production Plant

- Dongguan Artfield Industries Ltd.("DGAI")


Established in 1989, DGAI is the largest among Artfield International Enterprise China manufacturing plants. Situated in Changsheng Industrial District, Huangjiang, Dongguan. DGAI employs about 200 workers, 10 research & development personnel and engineers.

Factory Tour

Wood factory

- Artfield Industries (Foshan) Ltd. ("AIG")


Artfield Industries(Foshan) Ltd. is one of the wholly owned subsidiaries of Artfield International Enterprise
which was founded in 1984.

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Our Major Brands Logos

are ’Artex’, ‘Klik’, ‘Wehrle 1815’, ‘Werhle’, ‘Memolux’…etc

Apart from serving our OEM customers with tailor-made clocks and other related gift items, Artfield is focused on creating a stable and continues to build stable long-term brand equity. Our brands are specially designed to reach all customer segments and are unparalleled in the individual market segments.


Stringent Quality Control

ARTFIELD is proud of its commitment to quality, which extends throughout the production process. In addition to setting adequate incoming and end-of-line quality controls, quality audit and endurance tests are performed on all incoming base materials, components, work in progress and finished goods and throughout the whole manufacturing process. Our reputation in this area is an as our client and manufacturing bases continue to expand.

Our Advantages:

Wide range Products     Well-built sophisticated manufacturing     Strong Sales & Marketing     Stringent Quality Control