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Production Plant - Dongguan Artfield Industries Ltd.("DGAI")

Established in 1989, DGAI is the largest among Artfield International Enterprise China manufacturing plants. Situated in Changsheng Industrial District, Huangjiang, Dongguan, with a gross floor area. DGAI employs about 200 workers, 10 research & development personnel and engineers. Possessed over 14 years quartz clock design and OEM history, the plant is well equipped with advanced computer aided machineries such as Toshiba injection moulding machines.

Its quartz clock products include plastic, wooden, cooper and aluminum clocks and other products include stationeries and digital timer of over 1000 varieties.

DGAI operations include:
- plastic injection moulding and mould production
- processing of plastic moulds
- manufacture of metal components and parts
- silkscreen printing
- assembly of movements
- assembly and finishing of clocks and timers

DGAI has over 8 years of using ERP computer system on stock control, production management, material control,
purchase management and cost control on the production process to effectively strengthen communication among
departments and minimize operation costs. In 2001, DGAI invested over HK$1million on upgrading its computer
equipment and software. In addition, DGAI phones and computers are well connected by lease lines with Hong Kong
to enable effective and timely management on order, production and costs.