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 Artfield International Enterprise



Since its foundation from 1984, ARTFIELD has been playing a leading role in the clock industry. We are one of the first and key manufacturers in Hong Kong to identify the market potential and appeal of quartz clock technology.

Through the establishment of serval subsidiaries and joint ventures, we control every aspect of our production process. Vertical integration extends to most of our manufacturing processes, which comprises metal work, electroplating services, plastic injection molding, the supply of wooden, plastic and metal casings and tooling.

Vertical integration has guaranteed better quality control, more flexibility and higher efficiency in the entire production process. Today, we have become a sophisticated design and manufacturing group with interests in all aspects of the clock industry. We as of today have a worldwide customer base. We always strive to provide better products and services to our customers, with quality exceeding their expectation and costs affordable to all. As part of our expansion strategy, Artfield has now extended and well equipped to produce many other related non-clock products horizontally.