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Our Major Brands Logos

are ’Artex’, ‘Klik’, ‘Wehrle 1815’, ‘Werhle’, ‘Memolux’…etc

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Apart from serving our OEM customers with tailor-made clocks and other

related gift items, Artfield is focused on creating a stable and continues to build stable long-term brand equity. Our brands are specially designed to reach all customer segments and are unparalleled in the individual market segments.


KLIK bears a product concept of modern appearance and trendy but fashionable look. KLIK products also provide simultaneously a clock of multifunction usage where its reception in the market place is highly established.


1815 and Wehrle International has won the status of quality solid metal clocks which attracts a varity of metal clock audience. Wehrle International also provides customers with small but fashionable metal clocks with modern design features.

Artex clocks possess the the ingredient of Oriental with traditional taste.